The Best Images Size for Social Media Posts to Boost Your Digital Presence

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Did you know where all possibilities and potential of digital marketing and market engagement originate from? Without an iota of doubt, it is the efficient use of social media. It has turned into the essential factor of remaining afloat in today's digital market.

It is also the most significant way to engage the target audience and stay up to date and contemporary in terms of the trends. The most powerful way for any website to gain the audience's engagement and attention is to be noticeably active on social media.

This is why online platforms are the center of attention for every organization seeking to up their game. They invest countless hours and enormous energy into optimizing their use to gain maximum output.

They also designate key persons to manage their profiles existing on the platforms. They are also aware that the effort will go in vain unless the relevant, traffic-generating tools support it. One of such tools is the right use of image size on social media.

Images Size for Social Media Posts

If your image is not in the right resolution and not the right size, then the entire exercise will provide to be futile and aimless. Let us explore it in a bit more detail. In today's digital era, the visual appearance of your article, news story, or any other publication matters the most.

Therefore, every social media user makes sure that they select a catchy image, slideshow, or video to gain the attention they need. But, regardless of how well your visuals are, it still won't impact the reader's end, specifically on their cell phone, unless it has the right and proper resolution.

  1. Facebook Posts Images Size

    Visual storytelling is the most powerful tool for Facebook, which is undoubtedly the most attention-generating platform. It is valid for all businesses to get online traffic. So whether you look at the digital marketing guide for home services or conventional business, you'll emphasize Facebook's use.

    So, coming back to the resolutions, keep the profile image to at least 180×180 pixels. For the cover photo, you should not be exceeding 820×312 pixels. Images that are within your post shouldn't be less than 1200×630 pixels.

  2. Twitter Posts Images Size

    Twitter is also another equally essential platform to keep your post engagement and business alive and noticeable. Whether it is about retweets, shares, or mentions, on Twitter, you should ensure a strong impression.

    Since Twitter remains abuzz all the time, it is imperative never to ignore it. For the profile picture, do not go below 400×400 pixels. The header photo is also essential as it leaves a lasting impression being of 1500×500 pixels. Photos existing inside the post should at least have a resolution of 440×220 pixels.

  3. Instagram Posts Images Size

    Instagram has been evolving since the day it came into being and is the one-stop place for all the photo enthusiasts. The phrase that a picture says a thousand words seems to hold meaning on Instagram. From a broader perspective, too, the fact that you are not 'hassled' by writing paragraphs of captions with every post makes the platform an ideal choice for many.

    For the profile pictures on Instagram, a 110×110 pixels size is perfect. As for the images on the profile, 161×161 pixels will work well. Square-shaped uploads should not exceed 1080×1080 pixels, whereas the rectangular ones must follow a 4:5 ratio.

  4. Pinterest Posts Images Size

    It is another platform that is heavily reliant on images and visual content. The platform's concept is to allow the saving and discovering of visual content and share ideas with a large number of users. The pin-board concept of Pinterest is one of the creative ways to lure social media users to it.

    The size of the homepage image on the platform should at least be 165×165 pixels. As far as the main page or the board is concerned, then 236 pixels is the size to go for. It is important to remember that the pins' width reaches at least 600 pixels upon expansion. The image aspect ratio that should be followed for the Pins is 2:3.

  5. YouTube Posts Images Size

    It is difficult to ignore the importance of YouTube as far as visual storytelling, and building impressions through graphics is concerned. The content you post on this platform to project your company should be enticing and catchy.

    The thumbnails in the videos should be at least 1280×720 pixels. However, size is not a problem as far as the cover photo on YouTube is concerned. They work best at 2560×1440 pixels. If there's any confusion about this, you may use the art tool at YouTube to groom your cover image before you publish it.

  6. LinkedIn Posts Images Size

    While some people don't view LinkedIn as a social networking platform, as they want to keep it separate as a professional one, there's more to this debate. The fact is that LinkedIn has become one of the essential places for connectivity and social linkage. So, sooner or later, you will need to develop a good profile on it.

    There is no better place than LinkedIn for the projection of your business. The logo image of your company should be a minimum of 300×300 pixels. Remember to keep it at a minimum of 1200×630 pixels as far as the background image is concerned.

Final Words

Social media projection is one of the essential things to consider and opt for in this era of cutthroat competition and business branding. To survive or prosper, every organization should have a strong presence on every noticeable social and professional networking platform.

If you are not using the right-sized images, your effort will go in vain as the graphics can get distorted. So, when you are putting up your next post or about to publish video content, be sure to use the images with the right resolution. It will ensure that you gain engagement every time, all the time.

Until next time, Be creative! - Pix'sTory made by Shawn Stevenson

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