Top 7 Websites to Create the Perfect Logo

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Top 7 Websites to Create the Perfect Logo

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If you want to make a logo for your business and don't have the experience and skills to create a logo. It is nothing to worry about as today we will tell you about the best and free logo designer websites that can help anyone and everyone make the perfect logo for any brand or type of business.

You should know that logo designing is not as easy as it looks on paper, and if you want to make a good logo, then you have to simply focus on some points, some tips, and tricks that can help you make a professional and perfect logo. This PixTeller article to be very helpful in this regard, so make sure you read it till the end!

Here are the ten things you have to consider while creating a company's logo with popular sites!

Focus on these points before you get the part where we tell you about the best seven websites for free logo designing:

1. Research your client's business

When designing a logo for another person or a company, you should simply know that it is vital to research their business thoroughly to learn about their products, their services, and their niche. You can know about their target market and can also know about other relative information. This would help you in creating the best design for your customer!

2. Don't follow the trends

A business or brand logo should always have a contemporary look, so it is suggested that you don't follow the ongoing trends. It has been seen that most graphic designers use or follow trendy patterns, symbols, shapes, and colors to impress viewers, but it should be clear to you that you have to focus on client requirements rather than focusing on the trends and the conventional designs!

3. Design a logo in black and white color

It is suggested that whenever you are making a logo for your or someone's brand, you have to try and design it without colors (black and white). You should know that there are many instances where you have to publish or print a logo without colors, so you must see how the logo looks in black and white before adding colors to it. Sometimes the client likes the colorless logo designs!

4. Make the logo scalable

Now you should always know that a company or brand logo should be scalable. It should be proportionate from any angle you set it. A logo is to be used in different places like visiting cards, business cards, banners, pamphlets, websites, and many more places. This is why you need a logo that can be adjustable in different places and different sizes so that you can use it wherever you want. It should be proportionate from any angle you set it.

5. Think differently

While designing a logo, you should know that you should be open to different options and should always think differently. An odd logo is the one that gets accepted more in public than the conventional designs. You can take the example of the logo by McDonald's and even the one by Apple. These logos were designed differently and are today known to be the most recognized logos in the world.

6. Start with a minimal approach

You should know that simplicity is the best policy in logo designing, and this is why we prefer you to adopt it. Most designers focus on the excessive designing rituals in the logo. However, we suggest that you try to start with a minimal approach and use simple colors, shapes, lines, fonts, and symbols to convey a simple message to the viewers. Any element that is unnecessary in designing should be avoided at all costs!

7. Test it across all platforms

When you have created the basic structure of the logo, you have to ensure that it is visible and appears well on every physical and digital platform. You should open the logo on computer systems, smartphones, tabs, and other relative devices. You can also try and use the logo on mobile apps, stationary, and even on t-shirts! This will give you an idea of how versatile the design is and what changes you need to make! You can also try and use the logo on mobile apps, stationary, and even on t-shirts! You can also try and use the logo on mobile apps, stationary, and even on t-shirts!

8. Try different tones

A logo should be adjustable as not all mediums are created equally, so you have to make the logo so that it doesn't affect the structure of the logo. You can set the colors and positioning of the logo so that it can be altered when needed. Usually, the two-toned logos are the ones that can convey a loud and clear message and can also be edited or changed.

9. Give the logo a deeper meaning

Now you should know that one of the essential things in logo designing is that you have to ensure that the logo is filled up with a message and identification of the brand for which it is designed for. A logo should not only be designed remarkably but should also have a symbolic meaning and should show your brand's strategy!

10. Get inspiration

A perfect logo design can only be made if you simply take inspiration from different websites and sources that are working in the field. You should know behind every successful creative work, and there is a definite inspiration. You can take unique ideas and can present or design them with slight changes. You can go through different brand logos and can also visit galleries of other logo designer apps and tools so that you can get new and unique ideas that also compliment the trend!

The best and free logo designer tools in 2020

Here are the best website free logo designer tools that can help you in making the perfect logo for a brand. Using these free logo designer tools, you can make your logo and can also start a small logo designing business. Read about all of these sites and use the one that suits you the most!

Logo maker by SmallSeoTools

Logo maker by SmallSeoTools Screenshot

If you are looking for the perfect plus free logo designer website tool, then you should use the free logo designer by Small SEO Tools. When you get into the tool, you simply have to select the category in which your business falls.

After choosing the category, you would be provided hundreds of template designs of unique quality and attraction. You can choose the best logo design template and customize it in the dashboard. This is a straightforward and free logo designer!

Fiverr Logo maker

Fiverr Logo maker Screenshot

Fiverr is a trendy gig website relative to economics. This website has recently launched its very own logo designing service. This free logo designer tool by Fiverr uses artificial intelligence to create new logos and brand material.

It is known to be one of the best logo maker tools of the decade. You can try the paid version as well; this version will help you connect to accredited designers for a professional approach!


Logaster Screenshot

Logaster is also known to be a very fantastic logo designer tool. You can use this online logo maker on any of your smart or conventional devices. Logo making is effortless with this tool, and you don't need to have a degree in designing to play with the settings and dashboard features of this tool.

You should know that this logo designer has one of the largest databases containing free templates!

Free logo designer by PixTeller

Free logo designer by PixTeller Screenshot

PixTeller Logo Maker is also a free tool that works when you register yourself with the tool. When you make an account with the tool, you will be given multiple friendly options to customize the template of the logo that you have selected from the interface of this online logo maker tool.

PixTeller logo maker has the most modern and trendy designs. It is one of the most recommended tools that can help you with free logo design.

Logo Garden

Logo Garden Screenshot

The Logo Garden is also famous as one of the best logo design websites on the web. This logo maker will provide you with the best do it yourself editor, which would help you make a logo from scratch.

This logo design is a perfect choice if you have a set design in your mind, and you need a platform to execute it. It is a very user-friendly logo creator platform!

Logo Genie

Logo Genie Screenshot

Logo Genie is another logo maker website that can help you make the most delicate logo designs. This logo maker is a free one and has a complete set of categories from where you can select the one that suits your business.

You can find different logo redesigns and templates that would help you choose the ideal one for you. You can make downloadable logos with this source.

Wix Logo Maker

Wix Logo Maker Screenshot

This is also a very famous logo tool. Wix is a website maker tool which has recently added its logo making service. You can use this logo maker for free, and it works uniquely. Thus it would help if you tried it.

You have to answer different questions about your brand to the tool, and it will use artificial intelligence to create a predesigned logo or set of templates based on your answers and information.

[Bonus] PixTeller Animated Logo Creator

PixTeller Animated Logo Creator Screenshot

PixTeller animated logo maker helps you create engaging and unique custom video animated logos for your business or personal brand. With the help of our free logo editor, there is no need for complicated software or technical skills to create an animated logo.

Browse and use any of the pre-made animated logo templates, customize them by choosing from thousands of fonts, shapes, colors, and even update the video motion timeline. The final result will be a logo animation, downloadable as MP4-video or GIF format.

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