Web Design Trends that will completely dominate in 2021

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Web Design Trends that will completely dominate in 2021 Create your own images & animated gifs with PixTeller animation editor & GIF maker

The field of web design is constantly changing, there are new technologies that come up every day along with new trends. Each year, there are some specific web design trends that dominate the web design field. For example, in 2020 the Abstract art compositions, scrolling transformations, and three-dimensional colors dominated the web design space.

Henceforth, do you know what web design trends will dominate in 2021?

Well, in this article we will be looking at 10 of the web design trends that will completely dominate in 2021.

  1. 1. Unfamiliar Color Combinations

    Unfamiliar Color Combinations

    The use of unfamiliar color combinations is one of the web design trends that will dominate in 2021. Here the focus is using bold colors in a peculiar manner that perfectly harmonizes with each other that will be eye-catching and attractive.

    To successfully implement this technique, trying new things should not be scary nor avoided. Take note that bold, intense colors, effulgence shades, and unusual color agreements will definitely stick in the memoryof those visiting browsing your website.

  1. 2. Animations


    Animations are the techniques of making static or inanimate objects to move in motion. Most web design agencies nowadays implement animations in their projects to make them more attractive and up to date for their clients.

    Therefore, developing animation on your website will increase your influence on the internet by drawing peoples' attention. You will even realize that websites that you wouldn't expect to do this are doing so to get people's attention.

    To dominate in 2021, you must strictly consider making animations on your website with excellent and attractive styles.

  1. 3. Dark and Light Mode Switch

    Dark and Light Mode switch

    Even in 2020, the dark mode has been on trending and absolutely it also should be one of your joker cards of attracting users in 2021. But let me get this straight, although the dark mode by itself was trending, it will not create the same influence in 2021

    In order to dominate in 2021, the website should be designed in a dark and light toggle mode. Remember, the objective is keeping customers scrolling and clicking on your website.

    A dark mode is suitable such that the customers don't get eye strained in low lights conditions, especially at night. Also, it reduces battery consummation rate and helps conserve the battery for the customer to stay longer.

    On the other hand, a light mode toggle is necessary because, in the presence of high light conditions such as in a sunny place where sunlight reflects off your screen, the dark mode will not be suitable for the user and can cause the user to stop the tour on your website. So with a light mode toggle standby, the user will easily switch in such a situation.

    Also, reading long written text on a dark background with white ink is much strenuous. A light mode where the text is written in black ink on a white background is relaxed.

    Many platforms nowadays allow their users to choose when to switch to the dark mode or light mode such as WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

  1. 4. Video Everything

    Video Everything

    2021 is the year to start a video-based website design if you are not doing it already. Although many find this problematic, a note should be taken that it is becoming more desirable by users.

    These videos help give them an unforgettable experience on your website, thus urging them to keep scrolling and finding more about you and what you are trying to make public. Apart from moving text and backgrounds, making video storytelling of your content will lead in 2021. This is now gaining in popularity. Therefore, don't wait any longer. Get-on it.

  1. 5. Harmonize Overlapping of Photography with Graphics

    Harmonize overlapping of photography with graphics

    Another glooming web design trend to lead in 2021 is mixing in perfect harmony of graphics with pictures on your site.

    Even though high-quality photos look already great on their own, adding graphics to them will spice it more and give it a better eye-catching look.

    In order to get the most from this design trend, think of unique and unifying colors for the mixing or, better still, to enforce branding and let customers identify you through colors by using the shapes or colors used on your logo.

    This will add more personality and modern aesthetic to your website and will keep the visitors engaged with your content.

  1. 6. Website Load Time

    Website load time

    Ultra-fast loading time is foremost one of the critical nuggets in website design. Actually, this is not a new trend. But optimizing this trend will be vital in 2021 to get the visitors to your website stay.

    Research proved that if your website takes longer than two seconds to load, the visitors will most likely leave, and they probably won't be back again. This is not liked by search engines as well and will demote your website from results page rankings.

    In order to improve and ensure a great user experience, website designers must pay a lot of attention to the website's load time such that visitors don't get bored in looking at a blank page, taking like a decade to fully load.

    Therefore, it is essential for website designers to improve website performance and increase page load time.

  1. 7. Voice User Interface

    Voice user interface

    Making interaction quick and easy will be a significant step to lead in 2021. The voice user interface today is already possible and efficient with computers.

    Many people today find it stressful finding out some things on their phones, so, turn to use their AI assistance to do the job for them to save time and effort. For instance, Google search had incorporated this aspect on their search engine.

    Users just click a button and say what they want to know, and google responds with the results using the keywords in the recorded message.

    Therefore, implementing this to website of whatever category is essential and necessary to improve interaction with visitors, provide preliminary information, and create a voice identification login to recognize the voices of the users when they sign up next time.

  1. 8. 3-D Displays and Topography

    3-D displays and topography

    One of the factors that demonstrate your creativity level is 3D design topography. To enhance user experience positively, use 3D elements such as illustrations and animations.

    These will boost the website's beauty and will also create a more significant impact on the visitors. This type of effect has a great impact on design sites such as graphic design websites and architecture websites.

  1. 9. Virtual Chatbox

    Virtual Chatbox

    Creating a chat box when designing your website is necessary for dominance in competition in 2021. We all know that web users like to know what they want to know as easily as possible without putting much least effort, and chat boxes allow users to do just that.

    Customers find it more interesting when they are attended to quickly as they inquire on the site. Setting up an advance chat box integration will function like WhatsApp messenger, so you can interact with your visitors online in detail and possibly solve queries right away.

    Take note that the response rate time will play a significant role in retaining the customers. So it is expedient to set up a quick response rate mechanism for your visitors so that they feel at home.

  1. 10. Super Minimal Aesthetics

    Super Minimal Aesthetics

    Graphing a good homepage can help lure your website visitors to keep scrolling and thus lead them to explore all of your designs. Trending in 2021 web designs will also be how you use super minimal aesthetics, especially your homepage.

    An excellent example of this is flat backgrounds with text homepages with almost no navigation and just a headline.

    These super minimal aesthetics take out nearly everything in the design. The trendy layer is eye-catching and clean but ushers you to the risk with few interactive options.


You may not be able to implement all of these techniques at once, but you can start with some basic implementations such as a virtual chatbox to get things going.

Also as I mentioned at the start of the article, the field of web design is constantly evolving, these 10 trends can very well be outdated within 6-8 months into 2021. Therefore, it is always a good idea to stay on the lookout for new trends and be updated.

Until next time, Be creative! - Pix'sTory made by Anjana Wickramaratne

My name is Anjana Wickramaratne and I am a senior web designer at Inspirenix Web Design Sri Lanka. I have a genuine interest to give my knowledge back to the web design community whenever possible.

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