Why Photography is a Vital Part of Graphics Design

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Why Photography is a Vital Part of Graphics Design Easily create or edit your pictures with PixTeller photo editor

Photography is a universal language. Anyone can understand what a photo is talking about, disregarding which country belongs. For this reason, people love photography. Similarly, graphics design can also attract thousands of people. They both complement each other. However, if a photographer becomes a graphics designer or a graphics designer starts photography, that becomes a perfect match. It subtly helps the designer to work on photo retouching service.

Your graphics design skills and photography skills both can have a leap once you know both of them. It happens just because both the skills help each other flourish.

In this article, I will share key points to prove why photography is a vital part of graphics design. In other words, how graphic designers can get benefitted if they know photography.

  1. Balance & Composition

    Balance & Composition

    Balance and composition are two of the essential part of photography and graphic design. To keep a proper balance, you can apply the rule of thirds to both photography and graphic design. This rule implies an appropriate balance for the photographers to take intriguing photos. To shoot the storytelling type of images, you need to practice a lot with composition.

    Composition means fitting different elements of photography to get a better result. If you can develop this skill, you can apply it to your graphic design as well. When you work on your photos' post-production, you need to develop it by background removing service or any other image editing task. During editing time, you have to balance every aspect of the photos. As a result, both of your skills will blend to get awesome work ultimately.

  2. Original Stock Photos

    Original Stock Photos

    I think this is the most crucial reason why photography is a vital part of graphics design. Let me explain why. As a graphics designer, you might think that there are thousands of websites offering you free stock photography. You can use those without any hesitation. If you keep working on free stock images, it will have a wrong impression on your portfolio.

    You can never be an independent graphic designer. On the other hand, if you start photography, you can develop your own stock images. And those photos will be original and work as your portfolio. Having original images to design is an essential leap for your career.

  3. Color Theory

    Color Theory

    Photography and graphic design both are the game of color. To express what you want to tell your viewers largely depends on the way you handle the color. As you are already a graphic designer, you know how this theory works.

    Color works as an essential tool to impress people. Once you start working with photography, you will explore a different kind of color combination in nature. It will, as a result, influence your graphic works as well.

  4. Understanding Lighting

    Understanding Lighting

    For any designer, it is imperative to understand lighting. Otherwise, he cannot balance the color while editing your photos. If you start photography, your eyes will get habituated to lighting. You will quickly understand how lighting works.

    Graphic design requires a smooth understanding of warm and cool lighting temperature. Photography allows you to have a firm idea about color contrast, dark and light balance. To understand different criteria of light, you should develop the skills of photography.

  5. Makes Your Designing Tasks Easy

    Makes Your Designing Tasks Easy

    Designing on the photos downloaded from free stock photo sites will give you trouble. You cannot edit or design with full independence. When you design on others’ photos, you have to think from that perspective. But your perspective should be clear. It is possible only when you work on your own images.

    While taking photos, you can make a plan for working on it. It becomes easier for you to think about how you will design. Or you imagine a design plan at first, then start taking photos.

Final Touch

Photography and graphic design are reciprocal skills. They both complement each other. Photography can take your design concept to a better level. Similarly, your graphic design skills can help you take extraordinary photos.

Once you start photography, your portfolio will get a better response from your client. In short, photography, along with design skills, works as a credential for your career as a graphic designer or photographer.

Until next time, Be creative! - Pix'sTory made by Stefan Robert

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