Best 7 Human Resource Management Softwares in 2021

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Best 7 Human Resource Management Softwares in 2021

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Nowadays, to succeed, every business requires excellent management of its finances and its human resources. Human Resource management repositioned itself from just a term to a formal process intended to maximize staff performance in support of an employer's strategic goals.

Usually, the HRM responsibility is divided into three categories: recruitment, development of employees, and defining the working process. And these just three factors highly contribute to the company's growth. Thus, paying attention to its importance, more and more companies hire HR managers and put forth a lot of effort to make it function.

As HRM evolves in tandem with technology, staff responsibilities move online while remaining efficient. Your employee is on vacation and needs to check some information? Or do you need to clarify the schedule? Why not use some online platforms and not waste your time? It's here that HRM software comes into play.

If you want to join the millions of other businesses using HR software but aren't sure which one is more efficient, we've got your back. Keep reading to learn about the greatest human resource management systems for HR managers.

[1] FactoHR


FactoHR, which was founded in 2016, has already established itself as a user-friendly program. It is intended for all business sizes and works best for planning and implementing corporate decisions. It alleviates the day-to-day load on HR by utilizing current and innovative technologies.

The onboarding process takes up to one day and offers an inboard FAQ system and dashboard. The automated process lets HR managers control/contribute to payroll, hiring and firing, attendance, reimbursements, and other forms of statutory compliance-related data.

FactoHR tends to enhance the productivity of workers letting to work from every corner of the world, just by logging in to the platform.

FactoHR key features:

  • • Recruitment
  • • Attendance & Leaves
  • • Payroll & Loan
  • • Performance
  • • Employee Self Service
  • • Training management
  • • Time and expense tracker

FactoHR pricing:
Fees vary depending on the features and services that are requested. A free version is available for all users. And if you wish to try out the pro version, FactoHR offers a free trial.

[2] PeopleForce


PeopleForce is an HRM platform that integrates and optimizes HR duties with staff administration in a single system. HR processes are automated for the HR department's and team's convenience. Instead of many systems, PeopleForce uses a single workspace with centralized data on the organization, workers, and prospects.

The workspace provides recruiting, hiring, onboarding, and offboarding tools, engagement, performance, and satisfaction assessment information. This HRM software gives everyday up-to-date data and monitors performance of the company in real-time. It ensures secure delivery and privacy policy.

PeopleForce key features:

  • • Attendance management
  • • CRM
  • • Email Integration
  • • Employee Self Service
  • • Expense and Time Tracking
  • • Mobile Support
  • • Recruitment Management
  • •Tasks

PeopleForce pricing:
The PeopleForce monthly minimum cost is $25.00. There is no free version of the software available. If you want to learn more, you can sign up for a free trial.

[3] Bitrix24


Bitrix24 is a cloud-based system that combines classic project management tools with a corporate social network. Bitrix24 enables you to properly coordinate the actions of the entire business as well as each individual employee. You may use the service to manage all workflows, assign tasks to staff, provide comments on their activities and news, and get feedback.

The service, which functions as a company's social network, allows you to communicate with employees easily, receive immediate feedback, and discuss projects and activities. You will have 24/7 access to your organization's files and papers.

Bitrix24 key features:

  • • Instant messages
  • • Calendar sharing
  • • Activity Stream intranet center
  • • CRM
  • • Company structure
  • • Bulk email
  • • Daily planner
  • • Extranet

Bitrix24 pricing:
Bitrix24's monthly price starts at $24.00 per feature. A free version and free trial are available.

[4] Calamari


Calamari HR software is a management tool designed to simplify the working process. It enables you to plan and track any form of absence, follow timesheets and never miss the deadlines.

Special QR codes and iBeacons can be used to track attendance. It streamlines and automates operations involving tasks, recruitment, leaves, and time-offs. Project management technologies such as JIRA, Slack, GSuite, Microsoft Teams, Basecamp, and Asana are all integrated within the app.

Calamari key features:

  • • online application for time-off, vacations, and remote work
  • • timesheet management
  • • track attendance with iBeacon technology
  • • clock in with GPS location
  • • reminders and notifications
  • • multilingual service

Calamari pricing:
Calamari offers a free 14-days trial without an attached credit card. No free version available. Pricing starts from $10/month for up to 10 employees.

[5] Trello


Trello is a desktop application with boards (Boards) that may be given any name and title, lists (Lists), and cards (Cards). The latter can be pulled and moved with ease. Trello is based on the Japanese Kanban technique, and it differs from other to-do organizers in that it allows you to see the complete amount of work on a single board.

Organizations might use Trello to see if their goals were achieved or if they need to be revisited for the next quarter. And extra assistance to foster responsibility, accomplishment, and accessibility, which are the winning ingredients for any successful team.

To "obtain" such a project manager, you simply need to go to the Trello website, register an account, read the brief user guide, and get to work. Trello is available for iPhone/iPad, Android, Windows 8, and Windows RT on the web and as applications.

Trello key features:

  • • Detailed and Quick Overviews of Front/Back Cards
  • • Drag-and-Drop Editing
  • • Labeling, Tags, and Comments
  • • Progress Meter Checklist
  • • Card Records Archive
  • • Upload from Local Devices, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc
  • • File Attachment

Trello pricing:
The online application is now free, although premium services have been provided for some features.

[6] Monitask


Monitask is a solution for tracking employee productivity that allows you to keep track of each team member's working time and efficiency. The Monitask system for tracking working time and productivity allows you to express each employee's productivity in absolute terms in the context of a time interval, project, or individual task, taking into account his activity during the working day, overtime percentage, and visits to "unproductive" sites.

The program focuses on streamlining workflows, detecting inefficient staff, and reviving stalled projects and tasks. Monitask, presented in a straightforward way, allows you to assess the performance of teams and individual members, and make decisions based on objective facts.

Monitask key features:

  • • Time Clock
  • • Productivity checker
  • • Task Management
  • • Employee Monitoring
  • • Remote Work Availability
  • • Remote Monitoring and Management

Monitask pricing:
For teams of up to three users, a free version is offered. The monthly fee for the Pro edition is $2.99 per user. For pricing on a hosted version, please contact Monitask.

[7] Hirebook


Hirebook is a people-focused tool that uses check-ins, OKRs, KPIs, and action items to help employers empower their staff. It enables managers to communicate with workers and provides a specific area for sharing progress and discussing employee development.

HR managers may use Hirebook's check-in function to communicate progress and future goals and learn how their teams are feeling so they can better support and lead them. Teams benefit from easy-to-use dashboards that display project status so that they can celebrate triumphs or drive at-risk initiatives forward.

Hirebook assists businesses in effectively executing their plans, engaging employees, and generating exceptional results with innovative and effective solutions.

Hirebook key features:

  • • Check-ins
  • • Meetings
  • • Tasks
  • • OKRs
  • • KPIs
  • • ORG charts

Hirebook pricing:
Hirebook's monthly flat rate price begins at $10.00. There isn't a free version of the software available. A free trial is available on Hirebook.

Final Thoughts

If you still think about the effectiveness of HRM software, just try to find the pros and cons. Have you found some cons? What about the pros? Sure, HRM only has advantages. HR software simplifies employee management and saves you (and everyone else) a lot of time.

Spending less time on manual administration and more time on what makes your staff happy would bring success.

With HRM software required information is always get-at-able, stored in one location. It's the best tool especially if you work from several places or have a remote team since you don't have to worry about being hooked into your corporate network.

Care about your employees, and they will care about your business.

Until next time, Be creative! - Pix'sTory made by Anna Grigorian

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