How to Hide, Lock and Unlock the Elements Used in Your Design

Hi everyone, and welcome back! I'm Alex from PixTeller, and today I will show you how to hide, lock and unlock the elements used in PixTeller design.

Don't worry, it's a super easy and short tutorial that teaches you simple, basic aspects that'll ease your work. You guys ready?

Let's get started!

First thing's first, in order to efficiently go through today's tutorial, I will start from a premade design that has more than 5 elements. This is the one we'll use today.

After we've selected the design, click on USE button to open it.

USE design

Once the Editor has opened, I will go to the top menu section, and I'll rollover the layers button. As you can see here, I have 5 text elements, a shape, and an image background. Have you found them? Good!


If you're wondering what happens when you hide all the elements, then you're left with a blank page, just like in the example.

Hide elements

From this menu you see here, you can also lock and unlock an element. What happens to a locked element? It cannot be modified or moved.

Lock elements

Also, from the Layers menu, you can change the order of the elements as I am doing right now. Easy, right?

Reorder elements

That's about it regarding the layers section. Well done! - Thank you for watching and until next time, have fun using PixTeller!

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Have a great day, guys, and stay tuned for more!

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