How to Use Snapchat for Business in 2021?

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How to Use Snapchat for Business in 2021?

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Once used as a platform to share silly images to friends and family members is now one of the world's biggest social media platforms (12th to be exact). Started out in 2011 as a mobile-only social networking platform, Snapchat has gained popularity among Generation Z in particular.

Whoever said Snapchat is not for business is living in the last decade. More than half of its daily active users are of age 15-25. And the number is only growing. Whoever said Snapchat is not for business is living in the last decade.

Even Google acknowledges the growth of Snapchat is on the rise. With an engagement rate of over 80%, you're missing out a lot if not using Snapchat to increase your business reach.

Today is the day you will learn the best methods to utilize this groundbreaking app. Let's leverage its ad network to create engagements for your very deserving business. But first thing first.

What is Snapchat Business?

What is Snapchat Business?

Snapchat is a social networking platform used for communications, messaging, news, and brand promotions. With over staggering 4 billion snaps every day (both videos and photos), it is a great place for brands to meet their potential customers or increase awareness of their products.

Snapchat basically allows its users to share pictures and videos just for a few moments before it vanishes into oblivion (or Snapchat servers, for never to be seen again). You can set a timer for how long someone can view that "snap".

You can click snaps directly from the app (with your camera). Snapchat provides the option to edit and enhance that snap with various features such as selfie lenses, stickers, text, and beauty filters. You can even use Augmented Reality (Have you ever seen a person with dog ears, nose, and tongue squirming around?).

Influencers use this platform to share their content and capture followers. Brands often sponsor these influencers to promote their products or services. If you own a clothing store, you'd want to hire an influencer who creates content relevant to your target customer mindset. It's hard to promote your Hats through an influencer who talks about Japanese foods.

You can also create "stories" of your brand and products and send those directly to your target audience's feed. It is called advertisement. A story is a vertically oriented photo that appears for a while before being replaced by another story. Whatsapp "borrowed" this idea from Snapchat itself after its popularity in 2013 and onwards.

Snapchat Business is essentially a medium for sellers, business doers, brands, and companies to invest some money to buy advertisement slots. It is a tool that allows you to create ads, launch and manage campaigns, and monitor performance.

You can target the audience that appeals to your business. Based on the demographics like location, gender, behavior & interests, you can find the people who might benefit from your products and services.

According to Snapchat, out of 265 million people who use the platform daily, 75% are youngsters (below age 34). That is 97% of consumers shopping through social media. It is a vast market and provides excellent opportunities for businesses to reach out and impress their potential purchasers.

Is it Relevant in 2021?

Is it Relevant in 2021?

The short answer is: Yes!
Snapchat had some trouble in 2018 when many users found its interface hard to use. The platform still managed to attract users and build a robust platform with a very high engagement rate.

In 2021, you can and should utilize Snapchat to maximize the rate of investments (ROI). It will be a great asset to your marketing arsenal. We have stats to back our statement:

  • [1] The people using Snapchat are one of a kind. About one-third of its users don't even use Instagram or Facebook. That's a significant number.

  • [2] Your brand can create a community of Snapchatters and engage them through personal messages. This brings in a lot of prospects for your business.

  • [3] Targeting on this platform is very powerful, as there are about 250 million daily active users. On average, they spent 30 minutes on the app every day.

  • [4] Due to this platform's very nature, the ads created are beautiful to users who are already impressed by its design.

  • [5] Snapchatters are 60% more likely to make impulse purchases than other networks (such as Facebook or Instagram).

According to Forbes, the platform provides direct access to a large young user base that is otherwise inaccessible from other media networks.

With Snapchat, you can create interactive ads that add personality to your campaigns and, thus, your brand. These ads occupy full screens and contain minimal text elements. Various Calls to action (CTAs) add frosting to the pie. CTAs such as App visits, URL visits, Phone Calls, and App downloads can bring in a lot of positive traffic to you.

Importance of Snapchat for Business

Importance of Snapchat for Business

Google and Facebook ads are text-heavy. Snapchat's philosophy is quite different. All you get is one headline to hook the viewer and to hope your visuals would do the rest.

You cannot describe your product or service conveniently through Snapchat ads (generally). Also, for a target audience older than 35, Facebook must be your primary tool of marketing. For some brands, this is a deal-breaker. But for the others, it's a god-send opportunity.

You have to find what suits you best. However, we would advise you to put your eggs in different baskets and invest in multiple platforms all the same.

To leverage the platform to its best, we have compiled the best tips to develop your brand's influence on this shiny yellow ghostly app.

  • [1] People love to be treated special. Snapchat is perfect for treating them with that care. Let consumers feel closer to your brand by giving them a sneak-peak. Share snaps of your brand's insides. Behind-the-scenes and teasers of your products or services let your snapchatters feel loved. And you'd get that love in return.

  • [2] About 58% of college students are likely to buy your product or service if offered a coupon on Snapchat. Nifty. Use it to get more people interested in your business.

  • [3] Many brands on Snapchat host contests to give away freebies. Everyone loves free stuff. You can give away a free demo of your service or a sample of your product to hook followers in and turn them into loyal customers. This is a traditional method true to any platform, but Snapchat is lucrative and a resident to young people.

  • [4] Partner with an already established influencer. Let them spread the word out for you. For instance, if you sell clothing and apparel, it's better to connect with a fashion influencer or someone whose followers buy clothes regularly. You're more likely to get positive results if you join with someone in your genre.

  • [5] Content published on Snapchat can last a maximum of 24 hours. It is perfect to create anticipation and excitement in the Snapchat community. So, if you have a new product or service, it is ideal for creating a buzz.

  • [6] Let your audience know what's new with a short video. As video content has a very high engagement rate, it is a good way of hooking your public with your brand. Learn more about video marketing here, and use it to gain even more popularity alongside Snapchat.

How to Win the Market With Snapchat in 2021?

How to win the market with Snapchat in 2021?

It is simple enough to understand and practice but hard enough to master and win people at Snapchat. But that's what we are here for. If you've read this far then, you know how significant Snapchat can prove for your business. It has all the remarkable ingredients to cook you a delicious and fruity brand value. All you have to do is prepare the meal.

As most users on Snapchat are young and fresh minds, they are not actually using Snapchat for shopping. So it is better not to engage people from a sales point of view.

Most people despise advertisements. Give them value over your ads. Target the audience that you feel is right for you. We have compiled a list of the best tips you can use to win the market with Snapchat.

  • [1] A picture is worth a thousand words. Video is worth a million. Everyone likes watching a nicely crafted video. What a Story is a great option if you are looking for someone to create Stunning videos for your brand and business.

  • [2] If customers were looking for a professionally maintained page for your business, they'd follow you on Linkedin. And Snapchat is not LinkedIn. It is all about having and spreading fun.

    Show your creative and amusing side on Snapchat. This doesn't only increase engagement with your viewers but also creates a personality for your brand.

  • [3] Never forget your prime motivation. Whether it is to make more sales or to gain more followers (ergo, engagements). One of the great ways to optimize your Rate of Investments without investing massively in every ad is to build a newsletter. Yes, it is one of the boldest moves in the textbook. But it is still relevant.

    No, we are not talking about spamming your viewers with unnecessary promotions and nuisance. Simply ask your visitors to be a part of your email list and access more exclusive content alongside inner-club privileges like promo codes and future offers.

  • [4] Snapchat is groovy. It is an opportunity to show your fun side to people. Humanizing a brand has never been easier before. This is your chance to display to your followers the people behind your brand and how you work together. Yes, people dig that. It would make your users feel exclusive.

  • [5] Be frequent. Since stories posted on Snapchat can last for no more than 24 hours, it is essential to post multiple times a day to stay in your followers' mind lane. Tell your stories in numerous snaps and stories. Play around with filters and Augmented reality. Keep your stories relevant to the user and be meaningful if you want to keep your users engaged.

  • [6] Since 2017 you can put a web link to your snap. That means more traffic to your web page or your product page. All you have to do is click a picture and use the paperclip icon to add the link. If your snap is good enough, you'll get traffic. It is simple science.

Now it's time to move to the next plan of action: Ads.

How to Sign up For a Snapchat Business Account?

How to Sign up For a Snapchat Business Account?

To use Snapchat for business, you would need a Snapchat account first. Install the app and sign up from there. Once you're signed in, follow the steps below to publish your first Snapchat in 2021.

Let's get started!

  • [1] Click here to sign up for the Snapchat Publisher. Since it's your first visit, Snapchat will ask you to create a brand (business) name. This name would be visible to people who would see your ad.

    Sign up for the Snapchat Publisher
  • [2] After clicking next, you would be asked to enter business details. Depending on the country you wish to do business from, you might need to input extra information (like VAT or Tax ID).

    Enter business details
  • [3] You would have to choose the type of Ad you want to publish. There are 5 types of Ads. Website views, app views, app installs, text/SMS, and local shop promotions. Depending on your end goals, you would choose the type of ad that matches your objectives.

    Choose the type of Ad
  • [4] We would choose the first option, "Website views". Again, Snapchat's AI would ask you to enter the webpage link you want to promote. This can be your product or funnel page. If you select "Promote local Place", you'd need to enter the address of the shop you want to promote.

    Enter the webpage link you want to promote
  • [5] Upload your design. You'd need to design an attractive graphic for your ad. 1080×1920px is the recommended size for the image.

    Upload your design.
  • [6] You're almost ready to publish. Enter the headline and subheading for your ad. Snapchat would let you preview how your ad would look to people. You can also choose a template best fits you and your design. Enter the headline and subheading for your ad

  • [7] In the final step, you can choose your ad's audience and select the demographics and target location. Input your budget and ad duration. And hit publish once you enter your payment details. You only need to enter the payment detail once.

    Choose your ad's audience Select the demographics

Final Thoughts

Now you know enough to get started on this brilliant platform and that Snapchat is still relevant for business even today. It can be overwhelming initially, but once you get familiar with the platform, it is all uphill from there. Bookmark this page to keep the quick guide handy at all times.

Until next time, Happy Snapping! - Pix'sTory made by Rohan Gadekar

Marketing Head, What a Story

Photo & Animation Maker

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