How to Use Social Data to Launch a Successful Marketing Campaign

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How to Use Social Data to Launch a Successful Marketing Campaign

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Today, there's hardly any excuse for a business to avoid social media. And it's not because social platforms help you reach thousands and sometimes millions of people. Being active on social media means building relationships with your customers.

Consumers expect brands to be active on social media. According to the study by Sprout Social, people rank social media as the #1 channel to connect with customers. And, 57% of consumers confirmed they would buy more from brands they feel connected to.

However, building connection with customers through social media brings more revenue and delivers something you can use in the long run – social data.

Social data is the information that people share publicly through social media. This information includes demographic and psychographic details, as well as valuable customer feedback.

Like any other type of big data, social data can help you launch a successful marketing campaign. For instance, you can use it to figure out your target audience since this data supplies you with demographic information about your followers.

What are other ways to use social data to benefit your marketing campaign? Let's take a look.

1. Target Your Customers at the Right Time

1. Target Your Customers at the Right Time

One of the biggest pain points in a marketing campaign is to get as many consumers as possible to check out your content. It means that you should know the exact time or at least a time span when your target audience is the most active on a given social media platform.

For instance, audience activity on Facebook appears in the form of a graph that fluctuates depending on when the followers log in and check their Facebook feed:

Peak of audience activity

In the example above, you can see that the peak of audience activity is between 3 AM and 6.30 AM. It means that the content should be scheduled for posting within this time span to reach as many followers as possible.

Learn the Interests of Your Target Audience
Today more and more people would love to improve their knowledge of a foreign language. They practice, boost communication skills to the level of a native speaker, and learn the grammar to succeed in the career. They need to know a foreign language to get a promotion and be present in the global market.

That is why you have to know what motivates people, your target audience: career, eagerness to learn, or something else to allocate the budgets appropriately, and not to lose money.

2. Build a Content Strategy Based on Customer Interests

2. Build a Content Strategy Based on Customer Interests

A successful marketing campaign means targeting the needs and interests of your consumers. And the most optimal way to do it is through content.

We already mentioned that social data could supply you with information on your audience's psychographics. It means that you already have the data on their interests and can use it to optimize the content for your campaign.

For instance, Twitter combines all the interests of your followers in one comprehensive list:

How Twitter can categorize audience interests

The image above shows you how Twitter can categorize audience interests. These are usually general interests based on the posts your Twitter followers liked or shared or the hashtags they followed.

You can use this data to come up with content ideas for your marketing campaign. How else can social data help you optimize your content?

Social data can also help you figure out the best content type for your campaign. Whether it's a video, an image, a blog post, or interactive content, social data can help you figure out what to use in your campaign to get more engagement from your audience.

You can find the best content types for your campaign in the data on your followers' content preferences. Here's how it looks on Facebook

Facebook data on your followers' content preferences

On Facebook, each post receives a certain amount of reach and engagement. The higher these metrics are, the better the post's performance is, and you can also consider using them in your marketing campaign as well.

3. Get Your Campaign Trending

3. Get Your Campaign Trending

Social data can not only be mined through the Insights page of a social media platform and through the hashtags people use to discover and share content.

Each hashtag has a popularity rate which depends on how trendy this hashtag is. You can see it in the examples of #love and #affection – both hashtags have the same meaning but different performance:


What does it mean for your marketing campaign?
You might be interested in adding some hashtags to improve the visibility of your content. But, as you can see, not every hashtag is born equal, even if hashtags have the same meaning.

So, it's better to analyze the performance of each hashtag before you use it in your marketing campaign. If you target top-performing hashtags, your campaign will have more chances to attract more people. But keep in mind that the hashtags should correspond to your campaign's main message.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are various ways to incorporate social data into your marketing campaign. Apart from building a more precise target audience description, social data can also help you:

  • • Target your audience at the right time;
  • • Make your content more personalized using your audience's content preferences;
  • • Attract more attention to your marketing campaign using trending hashtags.

Hopefully, our insights will help you utilize the power of social data to its fullest and launch a successful marketing campaign.

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