Landing Page Design Tips You Should Follow Today

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Landing Page Design Tips You Should Follow Today

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The website's landing page always has one goal – and that's to make the website visitor take action. The particular action might depend on their marketing strategy and other factors. It could be to receive an email newsletter or sign up for their service, buy a product, etc.

For a marketing strategy to be effective, the landing page is crucial and can serve as a guide to see the website visitors through the sales funnel.

It's easy to think that you already have a homepage, so you don't need a landing page. In reality, the homepage is usually very crowded and has a lot more information than you can have on your landing page. This might confuse the visitor and make them walk away.

On the other hand, the landing page is a dedicated page. It has just one purpose and has a high chance of delivering. The best landing pages are known to have more than a 5.31% conversion rate.

Why Do You Need a Landing Page?

Why Do You Need a Landing Page?

A landing page is a digital marketing tool and is quite different from a website's home page. A landing page aims to win over as many customers to the website as possible that might be interested in what the website has on offer. It could be that they want to know more about the service or product. The landing page makes sure that they become part of the sales funnel.

The landing page helps boost online purchases and increase a business's online conversion, especially when there's a particular product in focus. It's just there to get the visitor's contacts and convert some of the traffic to leads.

Here's a breakdown of some of the things that a landing page does:

Give out a Lead magnet to get visitor information

This is one of the most common uses of landing pages. They help the company collect information about its target audience. The aim here isn't to make direct sales of any goods or to promote any service. These landing pages offer how-to guides, subscriptions, newsletters, free trials, and other similarly effective lead magnets to get the contact information.

Give visitors necessary information

Besides getting website visitors' contact information, landing pages can also be the medium by which you provide information for your website visitors. Blogs, portals, and news sites can use landing pages to give specific details about a topic.

According to some professional essay writers, this is one way to build trust with the website visitors as it proves that the site has some authority.

Create a buzz around an offer

You can also use landing pages to create buzz and excitement about an offer. You commonly see this with websites having a countdown timer leading to the start or end of an offer. This will trigger the website visitors to move out of fear of missing out on the offer.

Now that you can see how important the landing page is to your website and business as a whole, you must design it in a way that optimizes its performance. Here are a few landing page design tips that you should follow:

1. Make it Simple

Make it Simple

Making your landing page simple and clutter-free is a crucial design tip. Since this page has just one purpose as a simplified page, it doesn't need too much information to choke it up. You don't need to bombard your website visitors with unnecessary details or numerous options. Make sure to use a lot of whitespaces in your design.

The landing page copy has to be very simple as well. Send a clear message but with elementary words. This will also make it easy for them to find your CTA and click through it, rather than look through a flurry of words. Go to the point!

2. Make Sure it Has a Quick Loading Speed

Make Sure it Has a Quick Loading Speed

Website visitors don't have all day to spend on your website or landing page. They will normally spend a maximum of 3 seconds! If they don't get to see the content because it isn't loading or takes too long to load, you can say goodbye to those customers forever. They exit the page and never come back. To prevent this:

  • • Reduce the use of heavy graphics and elements on your landing page;
  • • Use special services to check the page weight and loading time;
  • • Use graphic editors to edit the height and width of the images;
  • • Don't upload images to your landing page without compressing them.

These are some of the few ways to make your landing page load fast.

3. Make Navigation Easy

Make Navigation Easy

If you use a short lander with an opt-in form, you don't need any substantial navigation schemes. However, if the content on the page is quite long, then you must use navigation.

By adding a table of content, for instance, you can massively reduce the bounce rate on your website by including a table of content so that visitors can go straight to whatever they are looking for. This can lead to a significant reduction in bounce rate.

To make your navigation easier, you can place the table of content in the sidebar and make it scrollable. This will prevent them from having to go back and forth on the page.

4. Clarity Is a Must

Clarity Is a Must

Having a clear title showing the content's type and nature on a page is very important for your landing page. It would help if you avoided creative words that are non-descriptive of the content of the page. The visitors want to know what the company does and how they can be of help to them.

If they have to start wondering what you mean or are unsure what your company does and how you can help them, it won't cost them anything to press the back button. This will become their CTA button instead of leading them to take any action on your website.

When you create your landing page, it is essential to make the content enjoyable. Also, make the call to button outstanding so that they can spot it easily.

5. Reduce the Forms

Reduce the Forms

While you're getting information from your visitors through the landing pages, be sure that you are only asking for the information you need. Take off all the unnecessary details that are not needed for your marketing strategy at the moment. If the name and email address of the visitor is the only thing you need, it should be the only thing you're asking. This will help you maximize your landing page for more conversions.

The more form that the visitors have to fill on your landing page, the more the number of them that walks away. You will get high conversion rates if the visitors have a very minimal field to fill.

6. Use an SEO Adaptive Design

Use an SEO Adaptive Design

The fact that your landing page is used as a part of your online marketing tool means that SEO is essential to you. Apart from bringing in visitors and converting them into potential customers for you, it can also help you improve your SEO ranking.

Create a landing page design that's SEO adaptive. Make sure it has a minimal layout and a clean design, with a scroll motion slider.

7. Make Your Headlines Short and Catchy

Make Your Headlines Short and Catchy

Simplicity is an essential tool for the effectiveness of your landing page. If you're going to write a great headline, there are different ways for you to write it. However, make sure that it is as simple as possible.

Be precise and concise in your headlines. Avoid adding fluffy words. That's how to be effective with your headlines. The truth is, your headline can either make or break your landing page. It's one of the first things that catches the visitor's attention as they open the page.

It has to be compelling and create a good impression on the visitors. Otherwise, they will leave the page as soon as they open it. Be clear on what you're offering. Let them see the benefit straight away. That's how they'll be inspired to take action.

You don't need to make your headlines ambiguous, metaphoric, or too suggestive. Make sure it is straight to the point and contact them as they're getting on the page.

8. Add Images to Your Landing Page

Add Images to Your Landing Page

One thing that marks a good design is the quality of the images or visuals. Adding a good image to your landing page will boost the chances of successfully converting your website visitors.

Another thing that photos do is the appeal to the emotions of the viewer. So, you can take advantage of this for your landing page.

However, you must choose the right image. A typical example is to use the hero shot (a visualization in which you use your own product/service). The goal is to create an idea or feeling to use your product in the visitor to become their natural choice.


The landing page is essential for your website and your business as it helps you convert your visitors into potential customers. However, the effectiveness will depend on the design. This article has some design tips for landing pages you should know.

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