What are Custom Banners - Top 10 Things You Must Remember!

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Marketing specialists around the globe do their best to reach the target audience and establish a connection. That's quite a challenge. In a highly competitive modern world, a brand has to do more than just present itself to attract customers' attention. Those who seek success should make a statement with their advertisement.

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First of all, companies work on improving brand awareness. In other words, they want as many people as possible to know the name of the brand and its offer. According to the independent research, you need to make 5 to 7 impressions for the audience to remember your brand.

How can you do that? Be everywhere. Don't limit yourself to online or offline only. However, if we speak about the latter, utilize the power of a custom banner.

Even in the era of digital, out of home advertisement doesn't lose its effectiveness. People aren't stuck inside their houses. They commute, go shopping, or simply wander around the city streets. To leave your brand's footprint in people's minds, you have to be everywhere, where your customers exist.

How to Make a Statement with a Custom Banner

A banner is a powerful marketing tool that can be used for many purposes. It can serve as an advertisement, deliver a message about a coming event/sale/etc., or scream around with brand values. Unfold the power of custom banner design. For that, consider the following ten tips:

  1. 1. Use the Power of Colors

    Use the Power of Colors

    What makes graphics eye-catching? The right colors! Vibrant bright shades are a panacea regarding the industry. After all, the primary purpose of a banner is to gain people's attention. However, the notion of vibrant differs depending on the environment.

    If you want to look professional, don't overdo with colors. Screaming red isn't always the right choice. Don't forget about aesthetics. The shades should match. Moreover, don't forget to look professional. It means that a banner should go along with your branded color scheme. Consistency in a brand presentation is vital.

  2. 2. Readable Fonts Are Essential

    Readable Fonts Are Essential

    If you try to learn the secret of how to make a good banner, don't ignore a font. Fonts are as crucial as other elements of printing. Why so? They contribute to the overall look. Therefore, they shape the impression you banner leaves.

    There are several basic rules. The ultimate one is that your content should be readable. Consequently, don't go for too elegant but hard-to-read fonts. You will just waste money.

  3. 3. Think Through the Message

    Think Through the Message

    Once you have chosen a readable font, think through what you will write. Too much text, as well as too little, isn't what you look for. Even if your banner is informative at its nature, brainstorm several banner content ideas.

    Those who need to make a statement have better to keep the text to the minimum. Pedestrians and drivers don't have much time to read. So, there is no need to waste space.

  4. 4. What about Images? Remember, High Quality Only!

    What about Images? Remember, High Quality Only!

    How to make custom banner designs attractive? Creative patterns and images are key, aren't they? While we shouldn't underestimate their importance, one small detail can undermine everything. It's quality.

    Images with poor quality won't deliver the desired effect. What is more, they won't contribute to creating a professional perception. How can an expert be unable to choose images with high-resolution?

  5. 5. Don't Forget about Corporate Brand Identity

    Don't Forget about Corporate Brand Identity

    Where to get a custom banner designs idea? Why don't you start searching starting from your branding strategy? It's the best way to guarantee that a banner will reflect on your values and deliver a strong message. This can help to attract like-minded customers who share your beliefs.

    The brand identity should cover all aspects of the design. It includes content (both text and images), colors, and fonts. A banner is a part of your branding strategy. It must tune your vibes.

  6. 6. Choose the Appropriate Materials

    Choose the Appropriate Materials

    Materials are highly relevant when you order a custom or a banner template. There are two reasons for that. First of all, materials highly determine banner durability. This is especially vital if you need to place the stand outdoors. For this, many manufacturers turn to vinyl banners. You can see many examples at Fortuna Visual.

    The second reason is visibility. Depending on the finish, the banner can be suitable for the environment with bright lights or not. For example, if you need one like this, choose a matte finish, not glossy.

  7. 7. Position Your Logo Right

    Position Your Logo Right

    The ultimate purpose of the banner is to promote your brand. That's why you need to pay close attention to the position of your logo. It must be visible. However, at the same time, it must be the attention magnet. The best position is at the top. All the essential elements are better to be placed at eye level.

  8. 8. Left-To-Right. Top-To-Bottom

    Left-To-Right. Top-To-Bottom

    What does it mean? It's how you should position the content. The design should be logically presented from left to right and from top to bottom. Follow a simple rule, and the audience will get the message.

  9. 9. Location of the Banner: Think Through the Environment

    Location of the Banner: Think Through the Environment

    While thinking about where to get a custom banners idea, don't forget to think through the environment. The banner should match it. Also, you need to consider visibility. This will help to design the graphics so that all the essential elements are visible and readable. To ensure this, adjust the size of a banner, as well as images and text.

  10. 10. Know Your Audience

    Know Your Audience

    Last but not least. Banner printing should correspond with your target audience expectations. Therefore, you need to make sure that it does. You can even create two designs and launch an experiment. This will help to know which one addresses the audience better.

    Following these tips will help you to design a successful custom banner. The rest will be the responsibility of the printing company. Do you know where to buy a custom banner? Please, share the information with us in the comments!

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