8 Digital Marketing Trends That Holds the Most Importance Today

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Digital marketing is evolving quickly, and keeping up with the changing trends and strategies will keep a marketer afloat. It can be a huge challenge to choose suitable outlets for your product, to brand, understand the needs of your audience, and to find out what marketing efforts are most effective for your target market.

8 Digital Marketing Trends That Holds the Most Importance Today

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The digital marketing environment is evolving continually. If you're out of touch with the recent digital marketing trends, you are more likely to restrict your business's growth. Companies are searching for new ways to stay ahead of the curve as we move forward.

In this article, we will discuss the top digital marketing trends in 2020 that are proving to be highly effective. We have rounded up the most worthy digital marketing trends for you.

1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is by far the most popular and highly demanded technology that plays a crucial role not only in your business growth but in our everyday lives. This is the year that many people have started to wake up to the power of AI. It is predicted to be at the center of global. Business and industry throughout the future, and it has already started to create an abundance of jobs. AI can recognize patterns in customer behavior and analyze their wants and needs.

Chat-bots may also be an interesting representation of AI in operation. MasterCard developed a Facebook messenger bot to simplify the processing of payments, which uses language processing software to decode what the customer wants and react as though it were a real human.

2. Social Commerce

Social Commerce

Businesses are using eCommerce and social media together to boost revenue potential with e-commerce and social media. Businesses were trying to redirect their social media traffic onto their website while trying to convert those visitors. Until recently, the only organic way for e-commerce stores to drive traffic to their product pages from Instagram was to add a bio link. This is where shoppable posts come into the picture.

Shoppable posts enable users to purchase products through social media posts or advertisements directly. As this will generate fewer steps for shoppers because they do not need to quit the website app, the chances of sales abandonment will be minimized by selling directly on social media.

3. Interactive Content

Interactive Content

Practically, interactive content involves content that allows the viewer to engage online instantly and without feeling burdened. The interactive content captures the user's attention and drives the user to connect with the business directly. Such communication allows you to improve brand recognition and improve the credibility of your brand.

Interactive content allows companies to build brand recognition without paying for any ads or any other inorganic means. These kinds of content will enable the brand to interact with the viewer directly, increasing your website traffic and boosting your conversion rates.

Examples of Interactive content:

  • • Visuals like video and infographics
  • • Quizzes and polls
  • • Embedded calculators and more

4. Video Marketing

Video Marketing

Video marketing uses videos to endorse and sell your service or product while increasing engagement and growing your customer base. Video marketing is one of today's most critical marketing trends, if not the most important one. Customers today say that seeing the product's visual or service makes them feel more secure in deciding on purchasing online.

There are several ways to drive interaction with video marketing. You can make video posts on YouTube, launch a live video stream on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn. Live video is ubiquitous with many businesses that use it for product demos, interviews, and behind-the-scenes snippets of the product. Live video is ubiquitous. In comparison, personal videos made for a targeted audience and long-form videos made to add the business details are also trending.

5. Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment Analysis

Many marketing professionals try to interpret their customer's thoughts to figure out their needs and requirements. Sentiment analysis helps to solve consumer responses to a product or service, usually on social networks. It includes tools and algorithms for data collection to scavenge and analyze online reactions to your product or service.

Technology advances are making this digital phenomenon more possible than it ever was. It allows marketing professionals to understand their customers and use their feedback not only to enhance their products and develop sales, marketing, customer support, and social media strategies.

6. Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing

With the advancement of social media, the popularity of influencer marketing has seen huge growth. It is a kind of marketing where a popular social media personality advertises your product or service to their audience base. The primary idea here is to utilize social media influencers' popularity and reach to support your brand and broaden your business reach.

While influencers could also be successful actors, they are most typically prominent Instagram or YouTube stars with a massive fan base. People trust influencers who give companies and their products and services truthful and honest feedback. The effect that influencers have is so great that they can build or break the customer perspective of brands. This is because ratings and input from influencers are far more authentic than corporate advertising.

63% of customers trust the views of influencers on a product, so now you got the idea of how vital influencer marketing can be?

7. Audio Content

Audio Content

The audio content went on to see massive growth in 2020. Podcasts are the platform for the future generation, especially when they have an attention issue. You can convert them into regular visitors by providing them with the passive listening experience that audio offers. You can convert them into regular visitors. Not to forget, now there's Alexa everywhere. So, things just got attractive to market via voice.

In 2020, more than 55% of searches were already voice searches, and by 2022, more than 45% of all American homes will own a smart speaker. So, this would be the right time to invest in voice search.

8. Chat Bots

Chat Bots

Chatbots are practically AI technology-based bots used by businesses to talk to real-time users through instant messages. You can quickly change the customer experience by using Chatbots correctly. It is possible to use Chatbots to communicate with the user and solve their queries. Every organization uses such chatbots, such as Facebook, Snapchat, and many others. You can quickly change the customer experience by using Chatbots correctly.

Here are some of the reasons why you should take chatbots into account:

  • • Chatbots will operate over 80% of customer service by 2021;
  • • By 2021, chatbots will save more than $10 billion.

Which trend will you be incorporating into your marketing strategy?

In 2021, the trends are expected to be revolving around personalization, growth, AI, and better customer service. While we are close to the end of the year, there is still a lot of time to understand and implement the digital marketing trends discussed above.

If you are creating digital marketing strategies, we will ensure that this article allows you to improve your strategy as quickly as possible. It's quite precise and easy to understand. It would be beneficial to develop your plans around these marketing trends.

To make your marketing journey more enjoyable, you can also keep exploring new trends and patterns. You should take a proactive approach to act on them to know what ways you need to watch out for. This is an ever-evolving world, and you have to make continuous efforts to hone your marketing tactics if you want to stay ahead in the game.

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