The Future of Instagram: What Student Bloggers Have to Say

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The Future of Instagram

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Instagram celebrated its tenth birthday on 6th October 2020. When it started in 2010, it was a regular social sharing app. The engagement did not influence a brand's success, nor did the number of likes validate a personal triumph.

Fast forward to a decade later, Instagram is easily one of the most potent keys to the affluence of both commercial and personal brands. As one would expect, new career categories emerged, including social media managers and digital influencers.

If you are a student juggling academics and blogging using the essay writer EssayHub, in a few years, you are likely to step onto a different digital scenario altogether.

In this article, we weigh in the student bloggers' thoughts and how they will need to adapt to the ever-changing audience.

Outsmarting the Algorithm

Outsmarting the Algorithm

Unless you are a celebrity or churn out only viral videos, you need a basic understanding of algorithms to ensure that your posts get the maximum reach. Instagram has long shifted from timelined feeds. Instead, what appears on your homepage reflects your interests and the engagement the posts receive.

Over the years, Instagram has made it more challenging for users to get their content across. It is not only enough that you get the users' attention, but you should also encourage them to reshare your content now.

The latest Instagram algorithm favors verified brands and sponsored ads. It might get more difficult for upcoming bloggers to land prime real estate on the feed.

The Organic Influencers

The Organic Influencers

Student bloggers can easily brand themselves as Influencers on social media. However, with the influencer strategy running its course, it will be tricky to captivate the audience. Organic influencers are likely to take a front seat in the future, rather than celebrities faking authentic product reviews.

The young crowd will always favor genuine recommendations from influencers. Long-term affiliations suggest that the influencer actually loves the products and ensures that they are relevant. Influencers are also switching towards sustainable products and are sourcing products to work with rather than the other way around.

Powerful Social Campaigns

Powerful Social Campaigns

Social media is no longer about mere entertainment. Apart from the business aspect, it has also paved the path for global citizens to come together for social causes.

The year 2020 saw how Instagram could help create awareness on political issues, both on the international and local levels. It became a means of communication to arrange for protests, call for activists, and instigate a sense of social justice.

In 2020, Instagram conducted extensive research on how the network impacts people's decisions before the US elections. And this is only one example. For student bloggers, Instagram will continue to be a powerful platform for advocating their causes.

At the same time, it is also one of the easiest ways to propagate agendas. The tool will need to make conscious efforts to review misinformation and ensure transparency for the right causes.

The Instagram Marketplace

The Instagram Marketplace

The recent redesign of Instagram's home screen saw the new Shop tab. It is a clear display of how Instagram encourages business owners to use the platform. Considering the number of student blogs that turn into small businesses, this feature will indeed be highly valued.

Today, brands can easily add product tags to their ads. Instagram is mirroring Pinterest's bookmark tool where you can save products and find styles.

You can easily swipe through products and buy anything without even searching the shop on a browser tab. In the future, bloggers will also be able to tag products in posts instead of ads.

Visual Storytelling

Visual Storytelling

It goes without saying that Tik Tok is one of the most popular platforms among students. 41% of Tik Tok users are between the ages of 16 and 24. The Reels was Instagram's tact to divert the young audience, and it has arguably worked.

Since its launch, Instagram downloads have increased by 11.4%. This explosion of short and entertaining videos could lead to similar features popping up in the future.

Advanced editing tools make it easier for student bloggers to create professional-looking videos. Remember these words - it won't be long before universities start using Reels to impress their prospective students.

Unique Content

Unique Content

With nearly $10 million influencer campaigns, it is no surprise that there is a lot of similar content in the feeds. Consequently, there is a demand for new, fresh content that is always low on supply. Not only student bloggers but influencers and brands will have to level up their game.

Thankfully, the Reels offer a fresh breath of content. Since the future seems bright for video content, it is best to take advantage of all the visual storytelling tools right away. Small snippets of easily digestible videos will gain more traction. These would appear more organic in comparison to carefully curated galleries.

Wrapping Up

Instagram allows you to see what's happening in the world in real-time. It is no longer about merely being playful. The platform is all about discovering new experiences.

The Instagram community could influence how you see the world. As it appears, student bloggers will have a lot more tools at their disposal to make the world a better place.

Until next time, Be creative! - Pix'sTory made by Victoria Davis

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