What Big Brands Lack in Digital Marketing?

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What Big Brands Lack In Digital Marketing?

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Digital marketing has become quite a tricky task. As we have to get our hands dirty with complicated strategies such as content marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization), making mistakes has become inevitable for even the most established brands.

Effective digital marketing is necessary for any business. Even if you're trying to sell out a world-class product, but a well-rounded digital marketing strategy does not back up your efforts, you're most likely to fail. Also, the time and resources spent on such marketing plans are most likely to go to waste.

This article will discuss some mistakes made in formulating and executing digital marketing strategies by bigger brands. You can also raise your knowledge on the subject by reading Cydomedia's guide on creating an incredible marketing plan.

What Do Big Brands Often Lack In Their Digital Marketing?

Not Creating The Right Digital Marketing Goals Or Tracking Them

Not Creating The Right Digital Marketing Goals Or Tracking Them

Perhaps the biggest mistake a brand could make while marketing their products online is not creating realistic goals or fleshing out a way to achieve them properly.

Setting up goals in your marketing campaign enables you to focus on a certain area, for example, gaining more traffic or raising brand awareness. Also, these goals should be realistic depending upon your budget and efforts. Having unrealistic goals means garnering some major disappointment if you can't achieve them even despite making a lot of effort.

Goal tracking is yet another important element that you should focus on. Goal tracking is to ensure whether or not you're achieving your digital marketing goals. This helps you determine the areas working well for you and the places where improvement is required.

How To Avoid This Problem?

When initiating a digital marketing campaign, follow these guidelines to ensure an effective marketing strategy.

  • • Firstly, you should focus on a single goal at a time. Whether it is clicks or leads, focusing on a single goal at a time will help you achieve it much faster.
  • • Try to set realistic goals within your budget and depending upon how much your team can handle. The communication here is the key. Try to set up regular meetings with your team to reevaluate your performance and determine the next move.
  • • Setup time limits for achieving each goal. Keeping deadlines will help you achieve your marketing goals in the right timeframe.

Targeting The Wrong Audience

Targeting The Wrong Audience

Target audience is a crucial aspect one should focus on when implementing a digital marketing strategy. Before implementing any marketing strategy, a marketer must understand the audience they plan to target. Targeting the wrong audience can turn your marketing budget and efforts into a complete waste. You can't sell cars to people who're looking for vegetables.

Many big brands often make this mistake while they try targeting a massive audience. In pursuit of reaching out to as many people as possible, these brands often target an entirely wrong audience. The result is lower or no sales at all. Therefore, targeting the right audience is crucial because targeting the wrong audience means serving tons of uninterested people with relevant content.

How To Avoid Targeting The Wrong Audience?

  • • Research is the most significant task when deciding the audience you want to target-research what your competitors are doing and try to target the same audience.
  • • Depending on your previous buyers, you can generate marketing personas. Technically, these marketing personas act as a fictional representation of your customers based upon their data. These personas include information like interests, hobbies, and purchasing habits, etc. You can leverage these marketing personas to target the audience with the same traits as your previous customers.

Lack Of Focus Towards Website Design

Lack Of Focus Towards Website Design

Typically, all brands and businesses have a website today. Since there's high competition, the more user-friendly your website is, the better your chances of making more customers.

A website is technically the digital storefront for any brand, and neglecting its design is one of the most common mistakes that brands make today. To thrive in this throat-cutting competition, you have to provide a website to your audience that is easier to navigate and has relevant information. Otherwise, they can meet their needs elsewhere.

If you fail to provide a stellar user experience, then technically, you're falling behind.

How Can You Improve User Experience?

  • • More than 50% of the total traffic on the internet comes from mobile devices. Therefore, try to make your website accessible with smartphones.
  • • Slow loading speeds of the website are the biggest reason for the higher bounce off rates. Optimize the loading speeds of your websites by compressing large files and visual elements like images and videos.
  • • Your website should be easier to navigate. Try and test different versions of a website and see which one works fine for your audience.

Neglecting The SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Neglecting The SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Even the greatest of digital marketing strategies would fail if your audience didn't find you. Lack of focus on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is yet another big blunder that brands today make.

Implementation of SEO determines how well you're ranked on the search results of Google. Since search engines are the main area where your target audience would look for you, it is crucial for any marketing strategy.

Neglecting SEO means you're handing over your valuable audience and potential customers to the competitors. However, SEO is a practice that takes time to develop and drive results. Therefore, you have to be patient here.

How To Implement Effective SEO?

  • • Keyword search is the most important factor in SEO. Researching keywords will help you determine the phrases or queries that your audience uses while conducting searches. Implementing these keywords on your website and blogposts will help you reach a relevant audience.
  • • Check the ranked articles on these keywords to determine the users' search intent and generate your content accordingly.
  • • Try to optimize your website's loading time by compressing various elements.
  • • Use keywords in the video descriptions and title tags.


These were some common mistakes and lacking often found in big brands' marketing strategies. Avoid these mistakes to implement digital marketing campaigns that bring in maximum results.

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