4 Benefits of Video in Your Digital Marketing Strategy

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4 Benefits of Video in Your Digital Marketing Strategy

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Content is still the king, but textual articles are no more the only way to make the most out of content marketing. In recent years, the modern market's attention has shifted more to visuals. In that sense, using video for digital marketing purposes has become one of the best strategies that brands could utilize in order to engage their audience more effectively.

No longer are videos reserved for large companies with an even larger budget. These days, making a video is not too challenging nor is it too costly. What's more, a wider selection of social media channels has introduced video posts as well as Stories that make it rather easy for brands to manage their video marketing efforts.

1. The Audience Prefers Video Content

On YouTube, alone people view more than 1 billion hours of videos in just one day. Of course, YouTube IS a video-based social media platform. But, other social media channels are following suit. YouTube videos can be shared on both Facebook and Twitter, while they also allow for automatic-play videos to be posted. The latter is also true for Instagram.

Short video content is already gaining mass popularity over on TikTok. Not to mention that Facebook and Instagram Stories can be used for a more personalized approach to video marketing. That said, a modern-day consumer is highly focused on the information and entertainment they can gain from easy, no-fuss video, especially when you consider that the majority of social media users today use their phones to browse the Internet.

2. Videos Are There to Tell a Story

Storytelling is an important part of growing your brand. There are several different ways you can introduce stories to your branding efforts, but videos tend to work the best. After all, this is the simplest way for the audience to quickly and effortlessly get a sense of what your brand represents and stands for. What's more, there are different types of videos that can tell different kinds of stories.

As a business owner, you may already be familiar with the explainer video as this is the most traditional form of video marketing. But aside from this, you can also use videos to showcase your manufacturing procedure and highlight your attention to detail and safety, show off your company's in-house culture and dynamics, introduce yourself as the face of the brand, and so on.

The more stories about your brand you give to your audience, the more wholesome brand image you're going to create.

3. Videos Provide Value and Engagement

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The true power of video marketing doesn't only revolve around merely presenting your brand.

The possibilities you have with different types of video content are endless. The most effective way to add value to your video content and engage your audience even when they visit your website is to offer meaningful solutions to their problems. This is why fitness instruction videos, cooking, basketball skills videos, and so on are getting so many views.

These days, viewers seek meaningful ways to better themselves, and it's the brands' videos that can help them do precisely that. In a way, this is a freebie, a lead magnet if you will, that attracts potential consumers by showing that you care. For some industries, the same can be achieved via text and images within the articles, but others can properly demonstrate their knowledge and services only through a video presentation.

4. Boost Your SEO Score with Videos

How well you optimize your website will determine your rank in Google search results (SERPs). Obviously, your goal should be to rank as high as possible in order to gain more organic traffic.

This is another aspect where video marketing can come in handy. Google knows just how much the contemporary audience values video content. So, when you have meaningful videos within your web copy, Google will reward you by assigning a higher rank to your business website.

The more organic traffic you receive the better your ranking will get. After all, it's not just that Google rewards businesses for video content. Users tend to spend more time on your website when there's video content involved, which makes them more engaged with your brand, ultimately leading to a considerable increase in conversion rate.

Final Words

To put it simply, no business today can go wrong by utilizing videos in their digital marketing strategies. Obviously, the content has to be engaging enough and informative for the viewers in order to be considered successful. Thanks to the overwhelming and still growing popularity of videos and vlogs, as well as steady technological advancements, getting the right equipment for filming doesn't have to break the budget.

Therefore, even small businesses can jump on this trend and start differentiating themselves from the competition from the very beginning. Visuals make the digital world go round so hurry up and get your piece of the pie!

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