Why Colors and Fonts are Important Parts of Your Logo Design

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Why Colors and Fonts Are Important Parts of Your Logo Design

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The logo of your company is the fact that everyone sees. It is the symbol that a brand uses to increase recognition in public. This is why creating a catchy eye logo is essential. Your logo should be imposing so that whoever sees it is curious to get to know more about your brand.

Many people are under the illusion that logo designing is just drawing, but many factors come into play when designing a logo. It is an enticing and a scientific approach that enables designers to improve the brand image and bring in more customers.

The two most important factors taken into account when designing a logo are colors and fonts. For a layperson, these two factors might not hold much importance, but for the designer and the business, they can be a deal maker or deal-breaker for the designer and the business. Let's take a more in-depth look into why Fonts & Colors are the essential parts of your logo design.



Color is something that sets the base for your logo design. Different colors hold different meanings. Therefore you need to be very cautious when selecting the color scheme for your logo. Colors directly speak to your emotions. As a brand, your marketing strategy includes playing to your audience's emotions.

Colors speak to the subconscious part of your brain and help you form an impression of everything you see without even consciously registering it. Designers play it to their advantage and make use of colors that evoke the emotions they are aiming for. This is why, as a logo designer, you must study color psychology to find out what precisely each color translates to.

Let's discuss the most popular colors used by brands and what meaning do they intend to convey with their logo:


Red is probably the most popular color used by logo designers, and there are many reasons why. The first reason why red is the first choice by logo designers is the connotations that come with it. Red as a color instantly grabs your attention as it is very out there. Just looking at it gives you an energy boost. It is a mighty color and has several meanings.

The color itself is warm and screams attention. If you are looking to grab attention, red is your color. If your brand revolves around themes such as the human body, love, or passion, then without hesitation go for red as the color for your logo.


Yellow is another popular color. It is mostly associated with cheerfulness and youthfulness. Like its neighbor Red, yellow is also attention-grabbing. As it is very vibrant, the color yellow has two extremes. If you are a logo designer, you need to know them. If you use a lot of yellow in your logo, you may give off a vibe that does not fit your brand well.

Tread carefully when you decide to use yellow as the color for your logo. On the one hand, too much yellow translates to distraction and impatience, and on the other hand, a balanced version gives you the image of loyalty and positivity.


Among the warm colors comes orange. Orange is a color associated with friendliness. Orange gets the right amount of attention, and the best part is that it enjoys that attention without any issues. If your market audience is the younger demographic, then orange is a good option for you.

According to experts, the color orange can evoke a sense of hunger in the onlookers. If your brand is in any way associated with food, then orange is the color for you.


The color of the sky is also trendy amongst brands as it comes with a cool connotation. There are several meanings attached to the color blue. People link it to trust and dependability. In its essence, the blue color talks about calmness, which can play well in favor of brands. The masses are constantly trying to find some semblance of peace, and if your logo represents peace, people will surely opt for it.


Brands associated with nature and its aspects use the color green for their logo. Green represents the idea of peace and serenity. Brands that use or provide nature-based products are the ones that use green more frequently in their logos.

Many people also use it as a background to their logo as other things are visible on the color green.


The color purple gives you the best qualities of the warm colors as well as cool colors, and this is why it is the choice of many people for their logos. The different hues of purple represent the feeling of spirituality, luxury, and ambition. Since it is a combination of the colors red and blue, many people believe it to be a symbol of sophistication. Suppose you have a luxury brand. Then no other color will go with your product different than purple.



Moving on to the other important component of your logo, let's discuss the fonts you should use to gain the maximum attention. Since this is already established that your brand's logo is your brand's identity, your logo's font must represent the tone you are going for. The font style and size will help you determine the tone of your brand.

Choosing the right typography for your brand can help you with your business greatly. Many marketers disregard the importance of typography when it comes to fonts. Here are all the reasons why you should be very conscious of the font that you select:

Fonts Are Aesthetically Pleasing

Designing your logo is the game of aesthetics. If you want to attract your audience's attention and maintain it, you need to target their aesthetics. Use a font that will work with your brand image and is aesthetically pleasing to your demographic.

Grabs Attention

The primary purpose of your logo is to grab the attention of people. Using a dull font, you won't attract much attention as people will view it as ordinary. Therefore, put a lot of thought into selecting the font for your logo. Do a test study if possible to find out if a font is working for your brand.

Improves The Mood Of The Reader

You may not be aware of your logo's effects on the people, but your logo can surely improve the reader's mood. If your readers view your logo and find the font interesting, they may stop in their tracks and view your logo.

Final words

If you are planning to get a logo designed for your brand, the color and the font are two things you should put the most emphasis on - Colors & Fonts.

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